By Hift on june 17, 2015

Hift is an online dating app founded to help those with STIs find Love.

Finding Love is complicated enough already. Having a dating app specifically for those with HIV, Herpes and other STIs means that the awkward 'I have an STI' conversation with that special someone a few months in is no longer necessary. Hift removes uncertainty, everyone knows upfront. It is easy, honest and simple.

To get started, please download Hift, you'll find us on the App Store and Google Play. Please make an account and add as much information as you can. Profiles containing more information are more likely to gain admirers.

The rest is simple. Hift will recommend nearby profiles to you. All you have to do is look at their profile and if you're interested, swipe RIGHT. If you're not interested, swipe LEFT. Only when both users have swiped right and a Match is made can a conversation be initiated. Who you 'like' is kept anonymous.

In-app features Topics and Moments allow users more ways to engage with each other. Topics is our in-app forum. Topics can be used to discuss almost anything however most of our members use this to offer support and advice.

Moments is where members can upload photos and show others what they are doing. Nice holiday, delicious meals or maybe you're just having a good hair day, show the Hift community what you're up to!

Your information and security is of vital importance to us, we do not pass on any of your information onto third parties.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to Hift.

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